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SABBIANCO RENOVATIONS offers to its customers services of preparation of ELECTRICAL STUDIES which include the followings:

  1. Power distribution networks

We undertake the study and design of electrical power distribution networks, through the design of central electricity supplies, the study of distribution panels and appropriate means of protection as well as the mains network.

  1. Lighting networks

Space lighting is designed according to the needs of the spaces and after studying the architectural plans. Advisory services are also provided for emergency lighting as well as for artificial shading services.

  1. Device supply networks

Study and design of supplies of fixed devices, control panels and electrical machines with calculation of suitable cables for the proper operation of machines and devices.

  1. Protection earthing network

Calculation of necessary earths and bridges for safe operation of electrical equipment and protection against electric shock, in accordance with applicable regulations.

  1. Backup power supplies 

Study for the installation of backup power supplies such as generating sets of generators and uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS).

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