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Energy Audit includes the detailed recording, evaluation and analysis of energy infrastructure and efficiency of buildings, equipment, systems, industrial processes, in order to identify and evaluate effective and cost-effective solutions for energy saving and the best use of renewable energy sources (RES).

As part of the energy audit, a feasibility study is prepared, which analyzes economically and technically the various solutions for improving energy efficiency that have been identified, based on the Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA). The audit results and the recommendations of the Energy Auditors are recorded in an energy audit report, which suggests the economically optimal ways of energy upgrading of buildings and industrial processes that can be applied.

The main objectives of the energy audit are the improvement of energy efficiency, the saving of operating costs, the utilization of RES, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and finally the improvement of thermal comfort, lighting quality and air quality in the accommodation and workplaces of the inspected estate.

A. Energy efficiency of buildings

We undertake the issuance of energy efficiency certificates in accordance with applicable laws and decrees. The issuance of these certificates concerns the study of thermal insulation of buildings and the calculation of energy needs.

B. Renewable energy sources

Study for installation of photovoltaic and other renewable energy sources in accordance with the current government plans for subsidy and in accordance with the energy needs of the buildings.

C. Power factor correction

Study for construction and installation of a power factor correction unit in mainly industrial installations for the correct use of electricity and avoidance of additional charges.

D. Bioclimatic design

Consulting services for correct orientation of buildings. Installation of openings and natural air ducts for more energy efficient design as well as natural shading.

E. Energy upgrade of buildings

Techno-economic studies in accordance with the current government grant plans for energy upgrading of buildings with a study of thermal insulation and replacement of electromechanical equipment.

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