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An elegant garden starts with an elegant design. We at SABBIANCO PROPERTIES we offer innovative and practical gardening solutions.

Our team consists of trained professionals who specialize in the design and construction of gardens of any shape and size for residential and commercial real estate. For our design team, creating a harmonious addition to the surrounding space is of utmost importance. Using a variety of suitable plant species in the right place but also creating planting areas, stairs, different levels and many other elements aims to transform a simple space into a small personal paradise.

Each garden is made to reflect your personal needs and lifestyle. To be sure that your garden will have the feeling you want, we present you our designs in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional form so that you can explore your garden before we even start planting! All our plans follow our belief that a garden should raise the quality of life and if it strengthens the relationship between man and nature. Depending on your needs and choices, we use a wide variety of local endemic plants as well as imported plants from the Netherlands, Israel, Italy, and other parts of the world.

In all the gardens we create we offer:

• Three months free maintenance.

• Six months warranty for all the plants we use.

• One-year warranty for water systems and irrigation systems.

The designs, materials and character of each garden reflect the unique style and quality of construction of SABBIANCO PROPERTIES. They highlight our philosophy that the garden should improve the quality of life and strengthen the relationship between man and nature!

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