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Photovoltaic systems (PV) absorb light rays emitted by the sun and convert them into electricity. In Cyprus, photovoltaic systems are particularly suitable because of the great sunshine we have for the most months of the year.

Each solar system consists of a number of solar panels, depending on the surface available for installation. Generated electricity can be stored in batteries for future use at times of low sunshine or at night, or be channelled to the EAC network. Depending on the scope of installation, the installed power and the use of electricity, photovoltaic systems fall into three categories: Residential, commercial (grid connected) and Stand Alone.

Advantages of photovoltaic systems

Money saving

Green energy production

Solar energy is ideal for a home in Cyprus. It is free and there is great sunshine for more than 325 days a year.

Silent and safe operation.

Minimum maintenance

More than 25 years of life with a written warranty

Requirements for Photovoltaic Systems installation in Cyprus

For the installation of a Photovoltaic System in Cyprus with capacity 3kWp – 10kWp on a pitched roof, the required net area needed is approximately 25m2 – 80m2. On the other hand, when the system is to be installed on a flat roof then it requires approximately 45m2 -150m2.

The ideal orientation and inclination of the photovoltaic system in order for the maximum energy yield is South and 28 °-30 ° respectively, and this is due to the geographical location of Cyprus. Any deviation from these parameters will negatively affect the generation of the system causing deviation from the optimal performance.

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