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SABBIANCO RENOVATIONS offers to its customers services of preparation of MECHANICAL STUDIES which include the followings:

  1. Sewerage and Plumbing Networks

Design, study, and calculation of mechanical networks of sewers / gutters and plumbing for building installations with specification of circulation and water treatment machines for all uses.

  1. Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Engineer consulting services are provided for mechanical installation of any kind of air conditioning and heating system for comfortable living of people according to the requirements of the buildings.

  1. Ventilation systems

Design of ventilation systems based on hygiene regulations as well as ventilation of industrial areas for the necessary change of atmospheric air and avoid odors and fumes.

  1. Elevator Systems

Study of installation of elevators and automatic systems of ascent / descent of persons, based on the current legislation of the districts and law buildings for installation of lifting machines.

  1. Swimming Tanks

Mechanical study for the installation of all types of swimming pools for their proper operation, based on the current regulations and instructions for the safety and health of bathers.

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