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Heat pumps – The most energy efficient option for domestic heating

Heat pumps are one of the most energy efficient options for heating buildings (i.e. domestic and non-domestic, and new and existing). Heat pumps can also be used for cooling buildings and providing hot water.

In the domestic sector, heat pumps can be used with wall-mounted radiators, underfloor heating systems and fan coils. When used with underfloor heating, the floor is converted into a radiator providing better thermal comfort for the occupants than any other heating system. Heat pumps are the most cost-efficient option, when compared to conventional heating systems. Financial savings are maximized when heat pumps are combined with renewable energy systems and a complete building thermal insulation.

Heat pump operated with a photovoltaic system

Due to Cyprus’ temperate climate during winter, the usage cost of a heat pump is near zero if operated with a photovoltaic system. However, this depends on each building’s thermal insulation in combination with its heating energy consumption. Depending on each building’s energy situation, an energy upgrade can help you save 20% to 65% of the energy you consume.

Benefits of underfloor heating used with heat pumps:

  • Comfort: Uniform and stable temperature across the room.
  • Energy Savings: No wasted heat at ceiling heights.
  • Cost-efficient: Low operating and maintenance costs. Fast payback.
  • Control: Possibility of autonomy in every room.
  • Flexibility: Underfloor heating is invisible and clutter-free.
  • Renewable energy sources: Ability to be used with alternative energy sources.

With the use of the appropriate energy-saving and thermal insulation systems, you and your family can enjoy a warm and comfortable indoor environment during winter.

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