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Sometimes confusion occurs on the term insulation; whether we refer to the thermal insulation or waterproofing. With the term thermal insulation, we refer to the insulation that helps reduce heat loss from the building envelope. By waterproofing we mean to protect the building from rainwater and soil moisture that comes into contact with the building either from the roof, side walls or floor slab.

The proper water insulation of a building is one of the most important factors for the successful construction of the building, as it ensures its static adequacy, the durability and aesthetic integrity.

Depending on the structural element of the building that needs to be waterproofed and the condition of the surface, there are various materials to choose from. The appropriateness of material is decided depending on the given situation, the circumstances and the technical constraints of each case.

Concrete waterproofing is a necessary process which takes place either with materials applied to the surface or admixtures materials, which make concrete waterproof. There are cases where there may be a combination of both. Particular attention should be given in the application of materials. This needs to be in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions and carried out by certified technicians in order to avoid future structural failures.

It is also important to know that proper waterproofing is a prerequisite for the application of any thermal insulation system on your house envelope. The waterproofing cannot wait. Moisture creates significant damage throughout the building and this will in the long run be detrimental to your building.

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